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Permits and Design

The most important part of any construction project is the planning stage. It's where projects get started and where problems are averted. The bottom line is planning saves money.

Acquiring permits with various New Hampshire Agencies can be challenging. Diversified Marine Construction has vast experience acquiring permits with the State of New Hampshire DES Wetlands, Subsurface and Shoreland Bureaus, as well as Cities and Towns. Applications can be confusing, time consuming, and unnecessarily expensive if it's not done correctly. Diversified Marine Construction has the experience, relationships, and tools to get the right permits for the job and in the most efficient way possible.

Our permitting capabilities include but are not limited to wetland permits for docks, breakwaters, and boathouses. We also secure permits for new home construction, additions, and septic systems.

Diversified Marine Construction can help you through every aspect of your project. Call us today for more information.


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